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Modifications Attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire

Life goes on after a divorce, often with many turns for better or worse. Especially given today’s fast pace and challenging economic conditions, it is common for people’s circumstances to change dramatically. Such changes often justify a modification of the family law orders in place, such as those covering child support, custody, and parenting time.

We can help if you are coping with a job loss, a health crisis, or developing concerns about the well-being of your children when with their other parent. Attorney Rick Follender has decades of New Hampshire family law experience, including specific knowledge of what conditions must be met to obtain a modification.

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Child Support Reductions and Increases · Custody and Visitation Changes

Whether your situation demands a Nashua child support modification attorney or guidance on how to seek a change in custody, our respected law firm is an outstanding resource. Mr. Follender handles a full range of modification petitions and related issues efficiently and as affordably as possible. Some of the more common scenarios include:

  • Downward or upward adjustments of child support, typically due to a major change in either parent’s income or the essential needs of a child

  • Counsel for mothers and fathers who know of or suspect domestic violence, substance abuse, criminal activity, or other problems in the other parent’s home

  • Modifications of child visitation/parenting time orders made necessary by job changes, planned parental relocation, or other substantial changes in circumstances

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We assist people throughout Hillsborough, Rockingham, and Merrimack counties with a full range of family law concerns. When you contact us, you can count on personal attention and straight answers from an experienced lawyer who will address likely legal costs as well as your eligibility for a modification and the process involved.

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