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Child Custody Attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire

You simply want what is best for your child. So does everyone else involved in the case. Unfortunately, you and the other parent may have very different ideas of what is best for your child. That is why you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

What the Court Is Concerned with In Child Custody and Visitation Cases

In New Hampshire, parenting rights and responsibilities and parenting plans, the issues commonly referred to as child custody and visitation, are dictated by the best interests of the child. The court is not concerned with emotional appeals or parental preferences.

The law is designed so that both parents will continue to share parenting duties. However, the outcome will be based on facts. What role has each parent played in the child’s life up to this point? Which parent has been helping the child with school work and attending after-school activities? Does one parent have an alcohol, drug, or mental health problem that could be harmful to a child? These are the questions asked when child custody is disputed.

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Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C., in Nashua, has more than 35 years of experience guiding parents through child custody cases. Whether you are going through a divorce or you are involved in a paternity action, we are committed to protecting your relationship with your child. We want to make certain that you can continue your involvement in your child’s upbringing by getting your fair share of parenting time. That means helping you address the emotional issues while focusing on the facts that the court wants to see.

Sole Child Custody versus Joint Child Custody

Terms like sole child custody and joint child custody are outdated. The family law court now follows the concept of parenting time. However, there are rare situations when a child may be endangered and seeking sole custody of the child may be warranted. If needed, we will help you pursue that option to protect your child.

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