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Underage DWI/DUI Attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire

Strong DUI Defense for Underage Drivers

New Hampshire laws take a strong stand against underage drunk driving. Drivers under the age of 21 with a BAC of .02 percent or higher can face criminal charges if caught behind the wheel. You could find yourself in a serious legal situation after just one or two drinks if you are underage, but we can help.

Attorney Rick Follender of Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C., offers qualified and experienced legal counsel to parents and underage drivers in Nashua. We understand what is at stake for your child, and we will work diligently to provide tenacious representation of his or her interests. As a parent, you want to ensure a mistake does not derail your child’s future opportunities, and we have the experience necessary to help you effectively navigate your legal concerns.

Fight to Preserve Your Future

Shielding Your Child’s Future Interests

A DWI is serious, but it can be particularly serious for an underage driver. The repercussions can reverberate throughout many areas of his or her life. Let us take quick action on behalf of your child, working to minimize the negative impact of any of the following consequences of an underage DUI or DWI:

  • Lengthy suspension of his or her driver’s license

  • Loss of scholarships and educational opportunities

  • Exclusion from certain school-related activities

  • Loss of career opportunities, internships, and student programs

  • Removal from extracurricular activities

  • Living with the stigma that comes from a DUI or DWI conviction

You Can Allow Your Child to Learn from This Experience While Still Protecting Them from Excessive Consequences

Our goal is to help your child avoid penalties that will irreparably damage his or her future. We understand that while you may want to help your child learn from this serious mistake and avoid the same misstep in the future, our experienced defense lawyer will work to shield your child’s long-term interests.

What You Can Do for Your Child

As a parent, learning that your child is facing charges for underage drinking and driving can be disheartening, but our attorney can assist your family. When you turn to our established and respected law firm, you will receive both compassionate support and the effective defense counsel you need to protect your child.

We offer free initial case evaluations, and you can schedule yours by contacting us here or calling our office at for an appointment to meet with an attorney.