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Drug Crimes Attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire

If you have been arrested for drug possession or another drug crime, you may feel cornered. You may feel like the odds are against you and you have nowhere to go. No matter how strong the case against you may seem, it is important to understand that you do have options. You just need an experienced lawyer to show you what your options are.

Your Options After a Drug Charge Arrest

Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C., in Nashua, New Hampshire, has more than 35 years of drug crime defense and criminal law experience. Even when the odds seem stacked against you, we may be able to find options by conducting a thorough investigation of your case.

We never assume that the arresting officer did everything by the book. Illegal search and seizure and constitutional violations are not uncommon in drug offense cases. We will review the arrest. If it occurred during a traffic stop, we will ask whether the stop was legal. Were warrants used if the arrest was in your home? Were you informed of your rights? Careful examination often shows us the holes in the case against you, and those holes may lead to evidence being thrown out or your case being dismissed completely.

We also know of various diversion programs that the state has specifically designed for drug crime cases to provide people with treatment for addiction, rather than incarceration. Depending on the nature of your case, you may benefit from one of these programs.

Don't Face a Drug Charge Alone

Drug Possession and More

We can defend you against drug offenses of all kinds, including:

  • Drug possession: Possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of Oxycontin or other prescription drugs without a prescription

  • Possession with intent to sell: Possession of marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, or other drugs in a quantity that leads law enforcement to believe you intended to distribute

  • Drug distribution: Sale of marijuana, cocaine, or other drugs, including prescription drugs

  • Prescription fraud: Creation, use, or sale of a forged prescription for the purpose of obtaining prescription drugs such as Oxycontin

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