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Scene Investigation is Essential in an Alcohol-Related Crash

June 10, 2020

If you are the victim of a vehicle crash caused by a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs, you know the results can be catastrophic.

Determining the appropriate compensation for any injuries you suffer includes conducting a thorough investigation of the crash scene for evidence.

Finding Evidence

Along with interviewing any witnesses to the vehicle crash, professionals will launch an investigation of the crash scene. The police will conduct an investigation of their own, but accident reconstructionists and forensic engineers may undertake a separate effort on behalf of an injured victim. A car crash leaves many kinds of roadway evidence, and these experts can spot the smallest detail. Typical roadway evidence includes:

  • Skid marks

  • Tire tracks

  • Fluid stains, such as brake fluid or engine oil as well as blood

  • Gouges in dirt or pavement

  • Damage to curbs, guardrails, telephone poles or other objects

  • Glass from broken windshields

  • Points of impact

  • Final resting positions of the vehicles involved

An investigation of the crash scene must begin soon after the accident because evidence can quickly vanish as a result of inclement weather, traffic and other factors.

Looking at Numbers

Of the 95 highway traffic fatalities recorded in New Hampshire in 2014, 34 were a result of alcohol-related crashes. Aside from fatalities, the National Safety Council reported that in 2019, 4.4 million people in the U.S. suffered serious injuries that resulted from a car crash, a decrease of 2% from 2018. NSC data also shows that car crash fatalities dropped by 30% in New Hampshire, which is good news. But if you were the victim of an alcohol-related crash, you undoubtedly feel that the numbers are still unacceptably high.

Obtaining Compensation

The investigation of the site where you sustained your injuries will uncover a great deal of the evidence needed to establish fault. The information gathered through an intensive scene investigation will assist in seeking the full and fair financial compensation you deserve as the victim of an alcohol-related crash.