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Keep This in Mind During Child Custody Proceedings

Dec. 17, 2020

If you’re currently a New Hampshire parent who is navigating divorce, you’re definitely not alone in your struggle. Before 2020 ends, there will have been thousands of parents who have gone to court this year to litigate child custody issues. Your family and your divorce case are unique because no two situations are exactly the same.

With that in mind, however, there are undoubtedly issues that other people have experienced during child custody litigation to which you might relate. This is why it’s helpful to talk to others, including family members or trusted friends who have gone through similar experiences. This is a means of gaining encouragement and support during a time in which you may encounter emotional, financial or legal challenges.

Try to Be a Team, Not Adversaries

If your goal is to achieve a fair child custody agreement that protects your children’s best interests, it’s beneficial to try to work as a team with your ex, even if you don’t agree on every issue. Demonstrating to the court that you’re willing to compromise for the sake of your children is far more likely to gain its favor than appearing as though you’re unwilling to cooperate.

If You Have Filed for Sole Custody of Your Kids

It’s critical that you understand your parental rights and New Hampshire child custody laws if you plan to request sole custody of your children. If you think your ex is going to try to thwart your efforts by painting a negative image of your lifestyle or telling the court you’re not a fit parent, it’s a good idea to request an in-home evaluation.

The issue is not whether you know what your ex is saying in court is truth or lie. The issue is what the court believes about what your ex is saying. The better prepared you are to show documentation or evidence of your ability to provide for your children, the greater chance you have of convincing the court to rule in your favor.

No Matter What, Don’t Verbally Trash Your Ex in Court

If your relationship with your co-parent is contentious, it may be challenging to keep your emotions in check during child custody proceedings. It’s always best to try to avoid saying harsh or negative things about your ex when speaking to the court. You’re likelier to make a good impression if you speak in calm, non-confrontational tones.

What To Do if Problems Arise

You and your ex may not always agree on child custody issues. What you say and do to resolve those differences can greatly affect custody proceedings, as well as your relationship with your children. Seeking clarification of state guidelines and knowing where to seek additional support are key factors to accomplishing your goals in court and after you sign a custody agreement, as well.