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How to Avoid a Car Accident This Summer

June 19, 2019

Summertime is filled with activities, both locally and in planned-out summer vacations. Many people spend more time on the road, and whenever you you get behind the wheel, it is vital to be aware of the hazards you may face. Heed the following suggestions to avoid a motor vehicle accident this summer.

Invest in Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your car in good shape is necessary for the safety of you and your passengers. Taking your vehicle to the mechanic is especially important if you are taking a long trip. You may need to pay for a tune-up or repairs in order to be as safe as possible. Other than that, you should regularly change your oil and check that your lights function properly.

Pay Attention to The Timing of Your Trip

If you are going on a trip for several days, it is ideal to drive at least a day before and after any holidays, such as the upcoming Labor Day. This will help you avoid traffic rushes and drunk drivers. Leaving a little earlier and/or later can help you avoid dangerous motorists.

Plan out Your Route

Before you leave for a trip, check your route on a GPS to familiarize yourself with the roads and any alternative shortcuts. This is especially helpful to do right before you leave. GPS apps on your phone can alert you of any slow-downs or accidents.

Drive Defensively

Whenever you drive, prepare to share the road with tourists, road-ragers, distracted drivers, drunk motorists and motorcyclists. Stay alert, keep your distance from other vehicles and drive at a modest speed.