What you should know about a driver's license suspension

As the courts crack down on driving offenses, people receive severe penalties for their infractions. Drivers who face charges of driving under the influence may lose their driving privileges.

When law enforcement arrests someone for a DUI or other traffic infraction, it is important to understand the consequences and any possible solutions. For those facing license suspensions, there are a few key facts to know.

Different from revocation

It is important to understand that drivers may face suspension or revocation. The two do have some similarities, such as the driving rules after a suspension or revocation of a license. However, they have very different ramifications. When drivers have license suspensions, they are unable to drive for a period and must complete specific criteria. Once this is done, the license is good again.

On the other hand, a revocation removes driving privileges entirely. After meeting the criteria for correcting the issues that led to the revocation, those wishing to drive again must reapply for a new driver's license, if that is an option.

Chargeable offenses

When people think of license suspensions, DUIs are a common association. However, other infractions may lead to suspension as well, such as:

  • Unpaid traffic tickets
  • Too many points on a driving record
  • Violation of driving restrictions
  • Being medically unfit

These and other issues may stand alone or compound to result in suspension. Either way, the different infractions may come with specific requirements that drivers must fulfill before receiving their licenses again.

Administrative hearing

For those who desire to challenge their license suspension, an administrative hearing is necessary. Drivers have up to 30 days after their arrest to file for a hearing. To win their cases, drivers must show that the arresting officer did not follow proper protocol. Those who are able to do so may receive full reinstatement of their license without penalty.

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