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Should I refuse to take the breath test to avoid a DUI charge?

You like to go out occasionally with your friends for drinks, food and a great time in the Nashua area. Amid all the excitement, you make an unwise decision that has you pulled over on the side of the road with an officer approaching your vehicle. Though you only had a few drinks, you do not feel like you look or are driving like you are intoxicated. 

You might find yourself wondering if you can legally refuse to blow into the breathalyzer device and avoid a DUI charge and conviction. Before you make another decision that could land you in jail, consider the following info about the consequences of a field sobriety test refusal. 

Uncontested versus contested divorce

Though couples may hope to make their marriages work, sometimes divorce is the best decision for all parties involved. Even so, the divorce process can be overwhelming.

Particularly in regard to an uncontested or contested divorce, there are a few key facts that parties should know.

What you should know about a driver's license suspension

As the courts crack down on driving offenses, people receive severe penalties for their infractions. Drivers who face charges of driving under the influence may lose their driving privileges.

When law enforcement arrests someone for a DUI or other traffic infraction, it is important to understand the consequences and any possible solutions. For those facing license suspensions, there are a few key facts to know.

2 lesser-known DUI defense tactics

If you are facing DUI charges in New Hampshire, you may feel like your situation is hopeless. The consequences of a DUI conviction are harsh and can take you a long time to bounce back from long after you have paid your debt to society. Though you do not believe it is possible to beat or reduce a DUI charge, there are defense strategies that can help. 

It is important for you to have a good recollection of the events that transpired on the day or night of your arrest. Even the smallest details can hold crucial pieces of information that a good defense attorney can use to weaken the prosecution’s case against you. Here is a brief overview of DUI defense strategies that may apply to your situation. 

Important factors for property division

A divorce can be a long and stressful process. By preparing ahead of time, you can help to expedite divorce proceedings.

In order to influence the decision about your property division, you must understand the process. Particularly for New Hampshire, there are a few important factors for you to be aware of.

Relocation is a common reason for child custody modification

You may have been adhering to the child custody arrangements you agreed to when you and your spouse divorced a few years ago. Since then, you have been the custodial parent, or primary caretaker, for your young daughter.

Now you wish to relocate. Your request means altering the original agreement, and you have concerns; you wonder how the court will react to your request for modification.

Important factors of child custody in New Hampshire

During divorce proceedings, child custody is one of the most important determinations that the courts make. It can also be one of the most stressful decisions for the parents.

Custody laws may vary depending upon the state. There are a few important factors that parents should know about child custody in New Hampshire.

What to do if you cannot afford child support payments

If the court has ordered you to pay child support in New Hampshire, you may be wondering what your options are if you cannot afford to make the payments. You may expect for your ex-spouse to be understanding of your situation and allow you to catch up on child support payments when you can at a later date. However, your ex has no obligation to do that. 

Child support payments are to care for your kids. If you cannot stay current on your financial obligations to them, their other parent can pursue legal options to remedy the situation. Take some time to learn about what can happen to you if you do not take proper steps to rectify your situation. 

What you should know about parenting plans in divorce

When you are going through a divorce, it is vital to keep your children in mind. Courts favor parents working together to determine the best course of action in regards to custody. If two parents agree to settle custody matters between them, they must formulate a parenting plan.

A proper plan has a few fundamentals. To make sure you hit all of them, make sure you are informed about parenting plans and their execution.

Understanding New Hampshire’s implied consent

Any time you face the law, it is important you understand your rights and obligations. Depending upon the state that you are in, these rights may vary, particularly when it comes to arresting procedures. If you face a DUI or DWI, there are things you should know.

New Hampshire has implied consent laws in place. Many drivers are not aware of these and what they mean for their driving future. Read on to learn what implied consent entails and your options during a DUI/DWI stop.

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